Three possible outcomes from East China Sea oil spill, according to Chinese scientists

As the authorities battle to clean up toxic fuel leaking from the sunken wreckage of Iranian oil tanker Sanchi, scientists are looking at how the spill may affect the region and beyond.

The vessel was carrying nearly one million barrels of ultralight, highly flammable crude oil when it collided with a freighter east of Shanghai on January 6.

After burning for about a week, it exploded and sank 150 metres (492 feet) to the seabed midway between Zhejiang province and Japan’s Ryukyu…
Source: SCMP – China

China rejects Vancouver talks on North Korea crisis as illegitimate

China has dismissed a 20-nation meeting in Vancouver on the North Korea nuclear crisis as “illegitimate” because representatives from Beijing were not invited.
The two days of talks sponsored by Canada and the United States involve diplomats from South Korea’s allies during the 1950-1953 Korean war, including Australia, Britain, France and Japan.
Senior US State Department official Steven Goldstein said last week that Russia and China, which supported North Korea in the war,…
Source: SCMP – China

China to send in deep-sea divers to plug oil leaks in sunken Iranian tanker Sanchi

Chinese maritime authorities will deploy deep-sea divers to assess the wreck and plug oil leaks from an Iranian tanker that exploded and sank in the East China Sea on Sunday.
An emergency task force official and a leading marine specialist said on Tuesday that the top priority would be to plug any leaking oil pipes on the tanker to minimise damage to the marine ecosystem.

An official from the Shanghai Maritime Search and Rescue Centre, which is in charge of the emergency operation, said the…
Source: SCMP – China

These nine companies banned from the world’s largest sovereign wealth fund for ethical reasons

Norway’s US$1 trillion sovereign wealth fund, the world’s largest, has excluded nine groups, including the UK’s military equipment maker BAE Systems, from its portfolio based on ethical grounds, the Norwegian central bank said on Tuesday.
The British defence group, along with the US firms Aecom, Fluor and Huntington Ingalls Industries have been banned for producing components to build nuclear weapons, the central bank said.
The fund has banned BAE Systems in the past but later…
Source: SCMP – China

Two men arrested for beating restaurant owner for ‘slow service’ in northeast China

Two men have been arrested for beating a woman for “slow service” in her restaurant in northeast China, a local newspaper reported.
Surveillance camera footage showed a group of three men and a woman in the restaurant in Changchun, Jilin province late on Saturday night, New Culture News reported on Tuesday.
Two of the men are seen assaulting the 26-year-old restaurant owner in her kitchen and smashing it up.
The pair were identified by police as Wang Yongcheng and Yang Gang and…
Source: SCMP – China

China-led bank spreads its yuan to Africa, South America to bankroll infrastructure projects

The China-led Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank will be spreading its tentacles to South America, Africa and further into the Middle East soon, as it marks the start of its third year in business, its president says.
“We have quite a number of South American countries joining, and I think it will be very good for us to finance some middle-income projects in South America, bringing South America and Asia together, cutting the transaction and shipping costs between Asia and South America…
Source: SCMP – China

China builds ‘world’s biggest air purifier’ (and it seems to be working)

An experimental tower over 100 metres (328 feet) high in northern China – dubbed the world’s biggest air purifier by its operators – has brought a noticeable improvement in air quality, according to the scientist leading the project, as authorities seek ways to tackle the nation’s chronic smog problem.
The tower has been built in Xian in Shaanxi province and is undergoing testing by researchers at the Institute of Earth Environment at the Chinese Academy of Sciences.
Source: SCMP – China

‘Witches’ are banding together after rural Chinese communities ostracise them

Belief in witches runs rampant in some rural Chinese communities, a new study shows – and those who are accused of witchcraft are having to band together to survive.
In one rural farming community in southwestern China, 13.7 per cent of the population have been labelled “zhu,” or “witches,” by their neighbours, according to a new paper published on January 8 in Nature Human Behaviour.
“Zhu households are believed to raise snakes, and poison people by…
Source: SCMP – China

Can Beijing avoid repelling global investors while tightening grip on China’s tech companies?

Beijing is tightening its grip on China’s technology companies, but Western investors – salivating over big returns from a massive market – remain unfazed by the reality of doing business in this newly politicised sector.

With more than 30 Communist Party committees having formed in Chinese tech companies in recent years, the government is now talking about increasing its influence by taking equity stakes.

In October, China’s government reportedly was in…
Source: SCMP – China

High alert for huge oil slick in East China Sea, but how bad will it be?

A large oil slick and toxic fuel that sank with an Iranian tanker to the bottom of the East China Sea could threaten marine ecology and fishery resources, scientists warned, affecting China, Japan and South Korea.
The Panama-registered tanker Sanchi was carrying 136,000 tonnes, or nearly one million barrels, of condensate – an ultra-light, highly flammable crude oil – when it collided with Chinese freighter CF Crystal 160 nautical miles east of Shanghai on January 6.
East China Sea…
Source: SCMP – China

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