Ctrip chairman James Liang backs start-up that helps parents find play dates for their young ones

James Liang Jianzhang is best known in Chinese business circles as the chairman of Ctrip, the country’s biggest online travel agent. But that is only one of the many hats he wears.
The 50-year-old is also a passionate advocate for women’s rights and expert on population studies. Faced with a rapidly ageing society, Liang is putting his money where his mouth is, by co-founding a start-up aimed at helping more Chinese mothers with child rearing.
The start-up, called Moremom, is a…
Source: SCMP – China

Chinese pro-market economist Wu Jinglian warns of ‘state capitalism’ dangers

An influential Chinese pro-market economist has warned of the dangers of “state capitalism”, joining a chorus of liberals who say state intrusion is eroding confidence in the country’s economic future.
Wu Jinglian, who turns 89 this month, made the remarks in a video message delivered at a seminar in Beijing last week, hosted by liberal private think tank the Hongfan Institute of Legal and Economic Studies.
He said pursuing state control of the economy could easily lead to…
Source: SCMP – China

Court verdict may shed light on why rising Chinese political star Zhao Yong was sidelined

Details have emerged in a corruption case that could shed light on why Zhao Yong – a former Hebei deputy party boss and rising star in Chinese politics – has been sidelined in the past two years.
The case also shows the impact of President Xi Jinping’s far-reaching anti-corruption drive. After six years, tens of thousands of officials at all levels have been jailed – but far more have had their political careers cut short for wrongdoings that may not have been serious…
Source: SCMP – China

Chinese school principal breaks the rules with his bold dance move

A bold primary school principal in northern China has abandoned the government’s daily exercise programme and is trying to get his pupils moving with a modern dance routine instead.
Video footage of the 40-year-old principal, Zhang Pengfei – dressed in black and with a microphone in hand – leading his pupils through an energetic shuffle dance routine has been widely circulated online. One clip on Facebook was viewed seven million times in one day.
Along with beaming children,…
Source: SCMP – China

Ronnie Chan, Donald Trump and how China misread the US in first round of trade talks

When the meeting was over, there was supposed to be an agreement.
In the early days of the administration of US President Donald Trump, Chinese Vice-Premier Wang Yang had gone to Washington for the annual strategic economic dialogue to hammer out a deal on narrowing the United States’ trade deficit with China – the target of sustained Trump ire since taking office.
Some sort of joint statement on common ground – if only an agreement to meet again – should have been a…
Source: SCMP – China

China faces backlash as it bids to rekindle stalled US$3.6 billion Myitsone Dam project

Political and religious leaders in Myanmar’s Kachin state have hit back at apparent efforts by Beijing to breathe new life into a controversial China-funded dam project as the Southeast Asian nation comes under fire from the West over its treatment of the Rohingya Muslims.
In a joint statement released on Monday, three ethnic Kachin political parties said they were seeking the “permanent suspension” of the US$3.6 billion Myitsone Dam project, which has been on hold since 2011…
Source: SCMP – China

‘Not a single day of rest’: victims reveal details of being locked up and forced to work in China

After being locked up and forced to work in harsh conditions in northeast China for up to six years, 52 men were freed in April last year when one of them finally escaped and reported the case to police.

The 13 men who ran the four syndicates that lured them into slavery were sentenced to jail terms of one to six years by a Harbin court in December.

Shocking details have now emerged in the slavery case, with two of the victims telling their stories to Chinese news site Thepaper.cn.

Source: SCMP – China

Chinese embassy in Sweden hits out at ‘totally irresponsible’ security threat claims

The Chinese embassy in Stockholm has lashed out at the latest “China threat” accusations, as Sweden steps up scrutiny of technology ties with the country.
Its statement on Friday followed Swedish media reports that agreements to establish a controversial satellite station in the country’s north had been signed with the Chinese military.
The embassy rejected claims by Swedish politicians and media that China posed “security threats”.
“Such claims, without any…
Source: SCMP – China

US-China battle for dominance extends across Pacific, above and below the sea

A 1,005 sq KM chain of US-controlled islands in the Pacific Ocean is shaping up to be a focal point in Washington and Beijing’s ongoing jockeying for global influence.

The Mariana Islands in the north-western Pacific, comprising the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands (CNMI) and Guam, were once seen as “the tip of the spear” of American power projection in the region – but China’s influence is growing across the area through deep-sea research and what…
Source: SCMP – China

Three billboards outside Nanjing, Jiangsu: Chinese artist takes aim at gay ‘conversion therapy’

On a hazy day this week, a convoy of three white trucks is making its way through the streets of Nanjing, in eastern China. They are covered in huge red banners with black lettering that look like billboards from a distance.
“Treating a ‘disease’ that doesn’t exist,” reads one.
“Chinese classification of mental disorders still includes ‘sexual orientation disorder’,” says another.
And the third simply asks: “For 19 years, why?”…
Source: SCMP – China

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