Tilapia’s reign as America’s favourite fish may be over as Trump taxes Chinese seafood

Tilapia’s rise to ubiquity across US restaurants and seafood aisles over the past decade has been rapid. Now that the Trump administration has targeted Chinese seafood with a 10 per cent tariff, its golden age may be coming to an end.
The fish, popular for its mild taste and low cost, is among the estimated US$200 billion of items that could rise in price for US consumers as President Donald Trump aims to erase the nation’s long-standing trade deficit. Now, importers and…
Source: SCMP – China

Tesla foe in China Xpeng hits US$4 billion valuation before selling cars

Henry Xia jumps into the burnt toast-coloured electric car he helped build as co-founder of Xpeng Motors Technology and commands it to play Green Day’s “21 Guns”. He asks the car about traffic conditions and starts driving. The 35-year-old is the most senior car executive at a Chinese automaker that hasn’t delivered a single vehicle, doesn’t own a factory and hasn’t obtained a production license from the government. At least, not yet.
What the four-year-old…
Source: SCMP – China

Rabies vaccine maker to stop output in China’s latest drug safety scandal

China’s drug watchdog has told the country’s second-biggest maker of rabies vaccines to stop production after a snap inspection uncovered evidence of forged data, dealing yet another blow to the scandal-plagued pharmaceutical industry.
The State Drug Administration said inspectors found serious violations of a protocol for drug production involving the Vero-cell rabies vaccine at Changchun Changsheng Bio-technology, in Changchun, in the northern province of Jilin.
In a statement on…
Source: SCMP – China

Chinese President Xi Jinping takes pacifying line on Taiwan as hawks call for force

Chinese President Xi Jinping has struck a more conciliatory note in his latest meeting with a former senior Taiwanese politician in a bid to pacify the island’s public, as voices grow on the mainland to reunify the two sides of the strait by force, analysts said.
In a meeting in Beijing on Friday with Lien Chan, former chairman of Taiwan’s mainland-friendly Kuomintang, Xi said: “We have the confidence and ability to keep a firm hold on the correct direction, work for the…
Source: SCMP – China

What does Beijing get right? It’s all about change, China watcher says

China’s economic boom over the past four decades has frequently drawn doomsday predictions about its growth machine running out of steam and the country ending up in Japanese-style stagnation, or worse – a Soviet-style collapse.
But the economy has continued to gallop ahead and defy those forecasts, at least up to now.
In his new book, veteran China watcher Hugh Peyman – who has spent the past 40 years in Hong Kong, Singapore and Shanghai – explores the question of what…
Source: SCMP – China

China’s super-rich lead the way as applications for British millionaire visas surge

There has been a 46 per cent increase in the number of the global super-rich prepared to invest £2 million (US$2.65 million) for the privilege of living and working in the UK despite Theresa May’s ordering a crackdown on a wealthy visa scheme to root out “illicit and corrupt” money flowing into the UK.
More than 400 very wealthy overseas investors applied for tier 1 investor visas in the year to March 31, a 46 per cent increase on the number of applicants in the previous…
Source: SCMP – China

How will Hong Kong be affected by the US-China trade war?

Since the world’s two biggest economic powers crossed swords over bilateral trade a week ago, the row has escalated and Hong Kong sees a chunk of its economy hanging in the balance.
From steel and aluminium to fashion, food and fruit, the United States has imposed tariffs on a total of US$250 billion worth of Chinese goods, some effective from July 6, others still pending.
When the first wave of America’s 25 per cent tariffs on US$34 billion worth of Chinese goods took effect, China…
Source: SCMP – China

All the tools – and weapons – China can use for global tech dominance

Two weeks ago Abacus examined the extent to which China lags behind the world’s advanced economies in technological innovation, and looked at Beijing’s aim of closing the gap and taking the lead in key emerging technologies.
But setting ambitious targets is one thing; achieving them is another thing altogether. So this week, it may be interesting to detail how Beijing has gone about chasing its dream of technological ascendancy, the tools – and weapons – at its disposal…
Source: SCMP – China

China’s ageing population problem worsens as birth and marriage rates fall

China’s ageing society problem appears to be worsening, with the latest official statistics revealing that both its birth and marriage rates have dropped significantly.
The country is facing huge challenges with its new births in decline and a quarter of the population expected to be aged over 60 by 2030, according to a cabinet plan.
Its rapidly ageing population pushed Beijing to end the notorious one-child policy – introduced in 1979 to control population growth – in 2016,…
Source: SCMP – China

When the world’s economic giants wage a trade war, the heat is felt from Singapore to Seoul

With the world’s two biggest economies in an all-out brawl, it’s easy to miss important warning signs flashing in smaller ones.
Take Singapore and South Korea. Singapore’s economy just grew at the slowest pace in a year. The 1 per cent quarter-on-quarter growth rate between April and June isn’t alarming in itself. Yet virtually everything that could go wrong is showing up in the data: fallout from Donald Trump’s trade war, central bank tightening, a stronger dollar…
Source: SCMP – China

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