Quality Over Quantity

Completing a 57-storey skyscraper within three weeks, at an approximate daily construction speed of three floors.

It may sound like a joke but this is a reality in Changsha, Hunan province.

The building, ‘Mini Sky City’ was completed in exactly 19 days, just like a child piling up building blocks. Many people are amazed by this construction speed has become common place in China. Others have argued that what China now lacks is not high speed, but high quality.

According to the construction company, 95% of the building work was completed inside their factory because they use new sustainable building materials, which allow the skyscraper to be built like the piling up of building blocks.

Although the new technology helps to shorten the building period, the company says  ‘workers were working day and night to speed up the construction process.’

This speed and technology however has had many people have express their worries: Can we trust the construction quality of the building with such a hurried working schedule?

In recent years, China has suffered many safety production problems, most of which are closely connected to the quality of construction. In some officials’ eyes, building bridges or a highway is just like running a race, speed is the only thing they cared about. Resulting in many buildings built albeit via shoddy construction methods.

New technology can be a blessing, but pursing high speed blindly is definitely not a good idea. At all times, we should bear in mind that quality is the core of construction work, not speed.


Retrieved from: http://epaper.legaldaily.com.cn/fzrb/content/20150318/Articel07009GN.htm