Pandering Disease

Translated by Julia Zhu

Having a good relationship with college professors is a necessary premise to obtain good marks in exams. And obviously students need to do more to maintain ‘close and good’ ties with their professors, the methods can be varied, but the goal is the same: self benefit.

In order to impress their professors outside the classroom, some may send extra e-mails in the free time to show their diligence, others may even send gifts to bribe teachers. No matter which method the student chooses, clearly he is trying to please the professors in an improper way.

Similarly, college professors are also doing returning in kind to please their students. At some universities, the salaries of teachers are linked with the rating and comments from students, resulting in professors purposely lowering their academic standards and giving better marks to students in order to harvest a good reward in the rating system.

In some circumstances, professors are trying to sell their books to the students in class, in other circumstance,professors simply want to increase their class attendance rates.

It is really an awkward situation when teachers and students in China’s universities are trying to please each other. We care less about the academic performance and put our emphasis on how to flatter or build a close relationship outside of class.

We are severely ill now and must makes changes in the campus.
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