Apology is far from enough for Chinese Citizens


Based on : http://opinion.people.com.cn/n/2015/0302/c1003-26618833.html

China Air Pollution


It is common for Chinese people to see the toxic haze, while it is uncommon for Chinese officials to apologize for the dirty air in public. So, when the Mayor of Baoding, Heibei Province,  apologized via a government report last month, it soon caused heated discussion on the Internet.

Bao Ding, a northern city close to Beijing, ranked the first place on a list of ten Chinese cities that has the worst air pollution. The Mayor said in his speech that he felt sorry about the result and was ready to take full responsibility. He made a sincere apology to the people of Baoding.

The Mayor should apologize because the city government, under his leadership, failed to do the environmental protection work. And the people deserve a sincere apology from the official because they had to put up with the dirty air. However, other Chinese officials are not used to making apologies. They make shameless statements like: “There is toxic haze in other cities… it is the cost of the economic fruits…”

Feeling apologetic for the problem is the right first step in attitude, but apologies are far from enough for the Chinese people. We need to know who should take responsibility for the dirty air and if there are any measures in place to solve the problem.

That is what a real sincere apology looks like.


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