Trump again accuses China of currency manipulation, contradicting his finance officials

US President Donald Trump accused China and the European Union of manipulating their currencies as he tries to wrestle concessions from two of the US’s largest trade partners.
“I think China’s manipulating their currency, absolutely. And I think the euro is being manipulated also,” Trump said in an interview with Reuters published Monday.
Trump seeks ‘results-oriented’ ties with China as resumption of trade talks nears
The president’s accusation, which…
Source: SCMP – China

China made ‘absolutely no deals’ for Liu Xia’s release, German envoy says

Beijing did not ask for anything in return for releasing artist and poet Liu Xia and allowing her to go to Berlin last month, according to the German ambassador to China.
The 57-year-old widow of Nobel Peace Prize laureate and prominent political prisoner Liu Xiaobo arrived in Germany last month after spending nearly eight years under house arrest in China. Her release prompted speculation over whether any political concessions had been made for her freedom at a time when Beijing is locked in a…
Source: SCMP – China

China’s ambassador to Washington had a Twitter account? No, turns out it was fake

A new Twitter account attributed to Cui Tiankai, the Chinese ambassador to the United States, was abruptly suspended after the embassy said it was fake and warned of legal action.

“Chinese Ambassador Cui Tiankai has never opened an account with Twitter,” the embassy said in a statement on Sunday. “Any current Twitter accounts opened in the Ambassador's name or with his photo are fake.”
The embassy added that it might “pursue legal actions against the…
Source: SCMP – China

Donald Trump seeking ‘results-oriented’ ties with China as resumption of trade talks nears, US diplomat says

US President Donald Trump’s administration looks forward to “results-oriented and very constructive” relations with China, despite the escalating trade war between the world’s top two economies and Beijing’s growing worries about Washington’s Indo-Pacific strategy, a senior US government official said.
The remarks by Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary of State Alice Wells at a media briefing on Monday came just days before the two sides are to resume trade…
Source: SCMP – China

US trade panel hears harsh criticism of proposed new tariffs – and praise for Chinese craftsmanship

American business representatives voiced their frustration and anger on Monday over a proposed new round of US tariffs on Chinese imports, telling federal trade officials that the duties would wreak financial havoc on their industries and harm US consumers.
The comments came on the opening morning of a scheduled six-day public hearing before the inter-agency “301 committee” in Washington over possible duties on US$200 billion of Chinese goods – imports that witnesses said were…
Source: SCMP – China

Where to stash HK$150,000? An Iranian’s tale of life in Hong Kong without a bank account

When Ali left his job as a software developer for power substations in Hangzhou for Hong Kong, he thought the move would make his life easier.
The 45-year-old, who asked to be referred to as Ali, had lived in Hangzhou for 3½ years after leaving behind family and friends in Iran in 2013 to seek greater fortune in China.
“I thought moving to Hong Kong would be better because in [mainland] China I had problems with the language. Two times, I had to go to hospital and it was really…
Source: SCMP – China

More than tariffs: China sees trade war as a new US containment tactic

For nearly two weeks, China’s top leaders disappeared from public view as they gathered at a secluded beach resort in eastern Hebei province this month. Though the heavily guarded gathering in Beidaihe was secret, their agenda was likely dominated by the trade war with the United States – and the emerging view that the nations’ escalating tensions go beyond trade and economic disputes.

There are signs of a new resolve that sees the trade conflict as part of Washington…
Source: SCMP – China

Hong Kong and Macau students will face compulsory military training at top mainland Chinese university for first time

China’s prestigious Tsinghua University will require first-year students from Hong Kong and Macau to go through a mandatory three-week military training programme that was previously only compulsory for mainland students, the South China Morning Post has learned.
Two worried Hong Kong teenagers admitted to the top Beijing university told the Post on Sunday that the training would begin this Friday at the university’s campus but they still did not know details of the programme….
Source: SCMP – China

Chinese President Xi Jinping returns to public stage with renewed call for military loyalty to the Communist Party

Chinese President Xi Jinping stressed that Communist Party control of the military would endure and gain in strength, as he addressed top brass in his the first public appearance since the country’s top echelon wrapped up an annual informal retreat last week.
China Central Television broadcast footage on Sunday of Xi meeting senior People’s Liberation Army (PLA) officers and underscoring political loyalty as their top priority.
In the meeting, attended by the members of the powerful…
Source: SCMP – China

‘It is not about the Chinese’: Malaysia’s Mahathir blames previous government for debt to Beijing and project woes

Malaysian Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad on Sunday pinned blame for the large debt his country owes China squarely on his predecessor Najib Razak on the eve of crucial talks with top Chinese leaders, during which he will try to renegotiate the terms of over US$20 billion of Beijing-backed projects.
Diplomatic insiders say the 93-year-old leader’s comments in a forum with the elite China Entrepreneur Club put on show the savviness he is likely to employ when he meets President Xi Jinping…
Source: SCMP – China

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